GROW! ¡CREZCA! Testimonials

"I was so impressed with your books and manual that I have passed on the info to my Case Manager and Director of Special Education for consideration of using these materials with our Special Education students who are self-contained…loved the fact that the books had 4 levels which would benefit every child in the room…also loved the way the manual had all that wonderful vocabulary targeted which could be expanded on throughout the instructional day. Again I say, 'Wonderful product!'"

- L. Musgrave, SLP, Delbarton, WV

"I am so ecstatic about the output of oral language I am getting from the books!!! I was a little unsure how a group of my firstgraders would do because I usually have to present a fireworks show for them to stay on task and engage with me. They LOVED the books, and the language I got out of them was more than I’ve gotten from them lately, and for one kid, the most I've gotten EVER! THANK YOU!!! Also, for grades PK-2, the themes of the books correlate well with the classroom curriculum."

- D. McKinney, SLP, Wichita, KS

"The kids love the 'Crezca/Grow lang and story books.' I've been using them with many of my kids, and I make use of the different levels and of the 2 languages. By this time, I've transitioned to the English stories for many of the kids. The illustrations are very vibrant and the kids find them funny. Some have their favorite pictures. Many of the similar books that I've used in the past have stick figures or black and white drawings and you cannot compare the attention that these stories command because of the illustrations. By the way,the manual is OUTSTANDING!!!"

- SLP, Long Island, NY