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If you enjoy music and singing, check out these new eSongbooks for therapy!

Listen, Sing, Speak! Book Cover

Listen, Sing, Speak! Children's Songs for Speech, Language & Hearing Goals

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Full color hard copies of the digital songbook are available for only $28.95 plus $4.00 shipping and handling. Just place your request via the Contact Us page.

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"I highly recommend Listen, Sing, Speak! This delightful music workbook will get children singing, grooving and moving! Ana Paula and Rachel have done an incredible job using playful songs to address various speech, language and hearing goals. The accompanying activities and worksheets are colorful, engaging and informative. Listen, Sing, Speak! has been a wonderful addition to my therapeutic library of resources!"

- Kimberly Scanlon, Author of My Toddler Talks

Song Sampler

Need new songs for therapy?  Four new songs are now available, including recorded audio, lyrics, guitar chords, and ideas for use and expansion…for just $3.99!  Digital files are emailed within 24 hours of purchase.

Sample it here

Prepositions Song - See my YouTube channel for a detailed explanation of this song under the video entitled "Children's Song Example for Addressing Speech and Language Goals."

Other titles:

Children's Songs for Therapy

Children's Songs for Therapy Book Cover

A user-friendly eSongbook for any therapist working with children, whether or not they can read music. Purchase of the book includes access to a members-only section of the author's site where you can access mp3s and videos to supplement the materials in the book. The author, Rachel See, MA, MT-BC, is a board-certified music therapist with a Master's in Music Therapy and a B.A. in Communication Disorders. She uses music as a tool to address non-musical goals such as behavioral, emotional, cognitive, speech/language, and physical goals. See collaborates and co-treats with SLPs, OTs, and PTs in her private practice.

Music, Language & Learning

One might ask, why do music, language and learning complement each other?

Without getting into the neuroscience of music and brain theories, the simple answer is that music involves or stimulates both sides of the brain, and when both hemispheres are engaged, we tap into more potential for cognitive growth or learning.

The other great aspect of music is that it’s auditory, visual, vocal, tactile and physical, and the more senses that are involved in an activity, the greater the capacity for learning and retention.

In a nutshell, one could say that music is an effective teaching strategy, and teaching strategies make learning highly transferable!

Music Enhancing Language_Parent Handout


Talk It Rock It

Talk It Rock It

Talk It Rock It (formerly known as Kids' Express Train) CD sets contain a unique collection of songs embedded with very specific speech and language goals and techniques. Written by speech-language pathologist, Rachel Arntson, Talk It Rock It songs help children learn imitation, expand receptive and expressive vocabularies, improve the ability to sequence sounds in words and phrases, and many other skills.

Why Music Helps Children With Special Needs


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