Strategies for Language Intervention

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NEW THERAPY TOOL - GROW! Language Development With Engaging Children's Stories. Check out the Bilingual Resources section or the informational flyer below for more detailed information. Story books are available in English only if you're not working with bilingual children.

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Read testimonials about the ¡CREZCA! - GROW! series.

There is an excellent language resource I use as one of my main language “curricula.” I highly recommend Language Strategies for Children and Language Strategies for Little Ones by Vicki Prouty & Michele Fagan. These books offer highly functional and educationally relevant strategies for students with language delays, for skills such as active listening, describing, categorizing, comparing and contrasting, story retelling, and much more! With the authors’ permission, below are some materials I have developed to supplement the great materials provided in the books.

Descriptive Words – Shape, Size, and Color for use with “Creature Creator” and “It Makes Sense” sections.

Discover the Pattern Analogies Summary Chart for use with “Analogies” section.
Discover the Pattern Analogies Summary Chart_Analogias_en español for use with “Analogies” section.

Ancient/Modern Olympics Comparison for use with “Compare Contrastadon” section.

Another language program I use is Strategies Offer Solutions: Language and Cognition by Ruthann Jarvis and Elizabeth Peterson. It also offers functional strategies for various language skills in a very tangible and clever way. This program contains wonderful visual reinforcers and practical activities.

SpeakColors - Spanish Version

Spanish version of SpeakColors now available!!!

I am thrilled to announce that together with RWH Technology, we have launched an iPad app in Spanish for speech/language therapy. The app is designed to encourage children to imitate and use simple sentences using colors and photos of objects. Improve receptive and expressive vocabulary skills, increase phrase length and more! Learn more


"This app is great! Best I've seen for our Spanish speakers so far. Thanks!"

Carlos Montes-Aviles, Speech-Language Pathologist

"The app choices for therapists working with Spanish speakers are limited. Ana Paula’s work in adapting the SpeakColors app to the Pro Spanish version gives young Spanish speakers the opportunity to listen to familiar basic vocabulary and work on their articulation, fluency, and grammar. I work with nearly 100% Spanish-speaking 3- to 6-year-olds, and I’ll be adding time using this app to many of my sessions."

Karen Anderson, MA, CCC-SLP

Materials & More!

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