Helpful Charts, Tables & More

Helpful Charts, Tables & More


Are you looking for accent reduction services, either as a non-native English speaker wanting to minimize your native accent, or as a native English speaker learning Portuguese or Spanish wanting to learn difficult sounds like the trilled R? Online speech training in real-time via video conferencing technology might be the solution for you! If you're interested in finding out more, email me using the Contact Form.

Testimonial from accent reduction client:

"I was a little hesitant to use an online speech therapist, for obvious reasons. But a therapist who was bilingual Spanish-English was very important to me and such a professional wasn't available locally. Ana Paula was exactly what I was looking for: she knew exactly what my frustrations and limitations were. She knew how to target them effectively and quickly. If I had known that I'd have my "rolled r" down beautifully after the third lesson, I would have done this much sooner. I honestly thought I was beyond help and that perhaps my tongue was incapable of what I wanted it to do. I feel like my language goals are much closer now!"

- Robyna H.