GROW! ¡CREZCA! Leveled Storybook Series

GROW! Language Development With Engaging Children's Stories (¡CREZCA! El Desarrollo de Lenguaje Con Cuentos Infantiles Divertidos) is a unique set of 12 children's books written by a trilingual SLP for English-speaking, Spanish-speaking, or bilingual children. The engaging stories build vocabulary and teach important language skills for social and academic success. They are written in four progressive levels that can be tailored for children based on their age and language level and that provide a built-in scaffolding of instruction.

The book series is optimal for children ages 1-8 or whose language skills are at an infant/toddler level up to a 2nd/3rd grade level.

The stories are loaded with everyday vocabulary and concepts, and they lend themselves to target language skills such as describing, questioning, comparing, sequencing, classifying, summarizing, inferring, and predicting.

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Folleto informativo en español (Informational Flyer in Spanish).

Informational flyer in English.

Translations of GROW are now available in Brazilian Portuguese and French! (Special thank you to Daniela dos Santos Rodrigues for your assistance with the Portuguese version. Special thank you to Vinita Kokatnur-Lemercier and Sophie Nichols for your assistance with the French version.)


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The uniqueness of these books is the versatility which the progressive levels in English and Spanish allow, and their use can be four-fold:

  1. As a tool for non-identified students (monolingual or bilingual) within a Response to Intervention (RTI) model to be used by educators and/or family members.
  2. As a tool for identified monolingual students with differing language levels and needs.
  3. As a tool for identified bilingual students for native language instruction in order to remediate a faulty first language foundation before or while introducing a second language.
  4. As a tool for ESL/ELL/ESOL teachers to teach specific English vocabulary and language concepts, and if working with Hispanic children, to help determine native language proficiency, to monitor continued growth of native language skills, etc.

The stories are also unique in that multiple language targets are combined and integrated into the text in a naturalistic way. In other words, the language targets are taught within a meaningful context of appropriate associations as opposed to being taught as isolated and unrelated chunks of information.

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